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Kingpin cooling


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The TEK-9 ICON V5 MIN is the latest revision of our legendary and best selling TEK-9 FAT line of full size gpu pots for both liquid nitrogen and dry ice, The MINI version of the ICON V5 features faster action with a more aggressive tune than its big brother and also the ability to run NVLINK and related multi gpu configurations easily on the latest NVIDIA Ampere generation of graphics cards. ICON V5 MINI is fully reconfigured to support all RTX gpus. Don't be fooled by its size, it gives amazing performance for single GPU overclocking (2700mhz+ 3090). The V5 MINI  has an even larger fully revised gpu die contact area as well as improved internals to handle the heaviest heat loads while providing precise and fast temperature control. Container kit includes Tek-9 ICON V5 MINI gpu unit with nickel plated solid copper design base w/ anodized aluminum top, 1 aluminum universal 8 point front side bracket compatible with many previous gens of cards and 1 NVIDIA 30 Series NVIDIA Ampere bracket + all required mounting hardware including thumb nuts and screws. 

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