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Kingpin Cooling

Dragon F1 Extreme Dark Anodized Gold

$ 269.00
Dragon F1 Extreme Edition. It's the ultimate CPU container kit for temperature control and stable load handling on today's hottest running quad core processors. Designed for rock steady performance and very manageable thermal operation. This solid copper design mass monster is useful for cold bugging cpus that require tight temperature control. Kit comes complete with solid copper F1 Dark unit plated in dark nickel, black anodized F1 aluminum backplate, and all necessary mounting hardware including compression springs, shoulder spacers, thumbnuts, and threaded mounting rods. Holdown set included is compatible with sockets 754, 939, 775, 1366,1151,1155,1156,2011, Am2 and AM3 as well as cross compatible with F1 Gemini unit. This version comes with GOLD anodized upper holdown bracket as pictured below.

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