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Kingpin Cooling

Venom Anodized Black

$ 269.00

Venom 6.66 is the latest revision of the legendary extreme cooling CPU container kit from KPC designed to be a monster under full load /full pot benching conditions with INTEL and AMD cpus. Venom is a two piece modular CPU LN2 unit which features a massive solid copper design base with pure speed and heat removal capabilities under heavy loads from even the hottest running cpus. Anodized Venom body sleeve with integrated socket mounting, black KPC anodized aluminum backplate, and all necessary mounting hardware including compression springs, shoulder spacers, thumb nuts, and threaded mounting rods. Unit is compatible with socketsĀ  939, 775, 1366,1155 1156,2011,1151,1155,1156, Am2, and AM3. This Kit comes complete with Aluminum BLACK body sleeve as pictured below.

**Due to an increased demand for this product since the release of Kaby Lake platform, there is now a 10-14 day lead time on the Venom cpu container until otherwise noted**

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