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Kingpin cooling


$ 420.00

TEK-9 ICON EXTREME V5 is the pinnacle of gpu extreme cooling performance and the net result of many years of XOC engineering efforts on GPUs. The latest revision ICON GPU pot for liquid nitrogen and dry ice comes configured to support NVIDIA's latest RTX 3090 and 3090ti graphics cards and can handle the heaviest heat loads while providing precise, fast, temperature control. Fully loaded temperatures of -190c are capable at even the highest of heat/power loads created by modern day gpus(2900mhz+). Container kit comes as pictured and includes TEK-9 ICON EXTREME V5 unit with "ICE" plated nickel top and nickel plated solid copper designed base, 3x Durable 3mm stainless steel 6 point mounting plates for 30 Series NVIDIA cards and many previous gens of legacy cards + latest gen RADEON support. M3 stainless mounting studs and M3 plate screws + brass thumb nuts.

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